In 2015, Fin's Opposition Day Motion passeed unanimously and it was a significant victory for veterans rights. Fin asked the government to stop fighting veterans in court and start delivering the services they deserve.

“Canadians recognize that the federal government has a moral, social, legal and fiduciary obligation to the women and men who courageously serve our country." -- Fin Donnelly, MP.
The Conservative government has been failing veterans for years. The commitment they made this month is long overdue and they must change their approach to take care of our veterans and their families. The Conservatives need to stop of wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars in court denying their obligation.  

You can watch Fin introduce his motion here and watch him question the government about their previous lack of support here.

Fin wrote an editorial in the Vancouver Sun to outline why this covenant matters to veterans and you can read the reaction to the motion in the Globe and Mail here.



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