UBCM Rejects Conservative Plan to Close Kits Coast Guard Station

Pressure mounting on Conservatives to reverse reckless decision

VANCOUVER – Today, delegates at the Union of BC Municipalities voted overwhelmingly to oppose the Conservative decision to close the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station.

“It’s clear that pressure is mounting. Municipal representatives from across BC understand the needs of their communities, and they know that closing the coast guard station is a bad move for Vancouver,” said Fin Donnelly, the NDP’s Deputy Fisheries and Oceans Critic. “The decision to close one of the busiest coast guard stations in the country will put lives at risk, and British Columbians won’t stand for it.”

The station responds to over three hundred emergency calls each year, and patrols the busy English Bay and Burrard Inlet area. It has been estimated that the closure will double response time and put lives at risk.

“Conservative MPs refuse to listen to British Columbians,” said Donnelly. “No one thinks this is a good idea, and yet when Conservatives are asked about it, British Columbians are simply met with tired talking points. It’s time for the Conservatives to swallow their pride, and make the right decision – keep the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station open.”