Canada Needs to Ban Shark Fin Imports


On March 10th, 2016 MP Fin Donnelly re-introduced his bill to ban shark fin imports to Canada. With Bill C-251 Fin is continuing to fight for the health of our oceans and to end the horrific practice of shark finning.

You can read Bill C-251 here and watch Fin introduce the bill in the house here. 


It is estimated that 100 million sharks are killed
each year for their fins alone.

One-third of all shark species are threatened
with extinction due to shark finning.

Sharks are an important apex predator in our ocean ecosystems. But shark populations are plummeting around the world largely due to the demand for their fins.

Because of the high value placed on their fins alone, sharks are often killed by the practice of finning - where the fins are removed and the rest of the shark is thrown back into the sea, often still alive.

The loss of sharks is an international conservation crisis requiring countries like Canada to implement measures that will help curb the demand for illegally harvested shark fin.

By implementing an import ban, Canada will show global leadership in the fight to stop the harmful practice of shark finning and end our role in the trade of fins from threatened and endangered sharks.







Private Member's Bill C-380

Fin's 2013 private member’s bill proposed a prohibition on the importation of shark fin to Canada. It would also enshrine in legislation Canada’s ban on shark finning. Read the bill here .

Unfortunately, Bill C-380 was narrowly defeated in a vote at second reading in the House of Commons. The final vote was 143 nays to 138 yeas.

While the bill did not pass, Fin's campaign was still successful, and it still continues today. Fin will continue to push the government to take immediate action to restrict shark fin imports to our country.

Read my speech and watch the first hour of debate here .

View the Vote Details of Bill C-380 here .


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