Oil and Our Coast

 Pacific Northwest

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"New Democrats will make it a priority to ensure that Canada is a world leader in the clean energy economy of the 21st century."

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair in speech to the Economic Club of Canada (December 4, 2013)

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The Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline and supertanker project puts our environment at risk, threatens thousands of good jobs, and is opposed by over 60% of British Columbians.


In the Community

In November 2014, I hosted a town hall meeting with special guest MP Nathan Cullen, MP for Skeena--Bulkley Valley and Official Opposition Finance Critic.

Nathan discussed his private member's bill to protect our coast from the threat of oil tanker spills, create local jobs and give power back to local communities.

I've also hosted a town hall meeting on Oil and Water, where guest speaker Andrew Nikiforuk discussed the immense challenges of attempting to clean up oil spills.


Proposed Legislation

I've had legislation tabled in Parliament since 2010 that would ban oil supertankers off BC's north coast. Read more about my Bill C-211 here.

In 2010, the NDP brought forward a motion in the House to implement C-211. The motion passed in a minority Parliament, but the Conservatives refuse to actdespite the fact that over two-thirds of British Columbians support a tanker ban on BC's north coast.


Fin in the House

"Oil spills, large and small, from tanker and marine traffic are another problem that threaten the health of our fishery. Our scientists would argue that the oil spilling into rivers and storm drains that combine into creeks and rivers and then into larger rivers and eventually into our ocean is a huge problem, as well as the oil from tanker traffic around the world and in our oceans in Canada."
Speech on Bill S-3 (September 18, 2014)

"Let me remind the House that Vancouver is home to Canada's largest and busiest port. Proposed pipeline expansion projects, like Kinder Morgan, are projected to significantly increase tanker traffic in Vancouver, yet the government's record has been to slash funds for oil spill response services and Coast Guard search and rescue services."
Debate on BC Coast Guard Closures (May 27, 2014)

"The NDP is pleased to see a few new measures for increasing tanker safety, including increased inspections of foreign tankers, expanded aerial surveillance designed to monitor ship traffic and detect oil spills, a review of tug escort requirements, and expanded research into the science of oil spills. However, British Columbians are very concerned about the preservation of our coast and the way of life in coastal communities."
Speech on Bill C-3 (May 8, 2014)

"We must protect British Columbia's rugged northern coastline and coastal waters, the diversity of fish species and mammals, and the coastal communities that depend on a healthy fishing industry and a profitable ecotourism sector."
Introduction of Bill C-211 (June 14, 2011)