Illegal Shark Finning Puts Oceans at Risk: NDP

As global shark populations plummet, New Democrat Fisheries and Oceans critic Fin Donnelly is launching consultations with stakeholders to develop legislation to stop the importation of these illegal shark fins into Canada.

“The decline of sharks globally is a conservation crisis that needs immediate attention,” said Donnelly. “The Canadian government needs to take a leading role in protecting sharks and promoting international ocean stewardship.”

Tens of millions of sharks are being killed every year, shrinking the international shark population and resulting in the near-extinction of several species.

"With up to 75 million sharks being killed each year in the trade, shark finning represents the largest conservation challenge facing a top predator in the world," said Rob Sinclair, Executive Director of Wild Aid Canada. “In most parts of the world, the shark fin trade has no real regulation and illegal activities cannot be distinguished from the limited legal trade."

“Canada has an opportunity to do the right thing and show international leadership on this issue,” added Claudia Li, founder of SharkTruth.