Fin in the House: Congratulations 2017 Litter-less Lunch Winners!

Fin Donnelly, (Port Moody-Coquitlam, NDP): Mr. Speaker, each year during waste reduction week, elementary students in Port Moody-Coquitlam participate in my annual litter-less lunch challenge.

Many people don’t realize that an average elementary school produces over 20,000 pounds of lunch-waste annually.

With my littler-less lunch challenge students are encouraged to pack litter-free lunches and make waste reduction a part of their daily routine. 

This year, more than 530 students took up the challenge and two winning classes set a new record going 99% litter free.

Congratulations to Madame Boulanger’s grade four-five class at École Rochester in Coquitlam and Ms. Ogilvie’s grade four-five class at Heritage Mountain in Port Moody.

A big thanks to ALL the students, teachers and parents who participated in this year’s litter-less lunch challenge.

I hope this encourages you to continue your efforts throughout the year.