Coast Guard Cuts

Canada's New Democrats are speaking out on behalf of British Columbians who oppose the Conservative government's decision to shut-down the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station, as well as the MCTS centres in Comox, Tofino and Vancouver.

Experts agree that closing the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station is a bad decision. Response times will increase. The number of officers on watch will be reduced. Even a Canadian Coast Guard internal report warned this “may lead to increased casualties”.

After the decision was first announced in 2012, I co-hosted a Town Hall Meeting with NDP Defense Critic Jack Harris. We heard a variety of perspectives, and all were in agreement that the Conservative government is neglecting their mandate to protect British Columbians. I agree this reckless cut will put people at risk and endanger lives.

I have stood in the House repeatedly over the past few years, demanding the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans reverse this government's short-sighted, reckless decision.

It's important that Canadians continue to speak up and let this government know that it must change course and save our Kits Coast Guard Station.


Make Your Voice Heard

Download a petition, which I can table in the House of Commons. To date we have received thousands of signatures in support of reversing the government's reckless cuts to our Coast Guard services.


In the Media



In Parliament

  • Question Period (Oct 1, 2012)
  • Question Period (Sep 17, 2012)