When will the Fisheries Minister get disease-ridden farmed salmon out of BC waters?

Question Period, December 5th

 Fin Donnelly (Port Moody—Coquitlam)

Mr. Speaker, in September, thousands of farmed Atlantic salmon escaped from a U.S. fish farm, infesting B.C. waters. In October, coastal first nations occupied two marine harvest farms because they never agreed to open-net salmon farms in their traditional territories.

Last week, the world witnessed a graphic video of fish farms spewing virus-laden fish blood directly into the wild salmon migration routes. Scientific analysis shows it contains PRV, which threatens wild salmon with infection. Enough is enough.

When will the minister get these disease-ridden farmed salmon out of B.C. waters?

Hon. Dominic LeBlanc (Beauséjour)

Mr. Speaker, as I have said a number of times in the House, and I have shared with my colleagues on this side of the House of Commons from British Columbia, and in numerous discussions with the provincial government, we understand the concern that people have, British Columbians have, with respect to wild Pacific salmon stocks.

We also understand that our government has a responsibility to work with the province, to work with the industry, to ensure that all of the necessary reviews, audits, all of the necessary compliance measures are in place, including rigorous science. That is what we will continue to do, and we will work with indigenous communities in doing that as well.