Stephen Harper is Running Away from Accountability. Again. // 哈珀又逃避國會問責監督

This August, Prime Minister Stephen Harper asked the Governor General to prorogue parliament. Prorogation is the end of a parliamentary session as oppose to a recess or adjournment. If accepted the House of Commons will not sit again until sometime in October.

This is the fourth time the Prime Minister has shut down the work of the House of Commons and debate through prorogation. This will have considerable effects on the legislative work and the NDP’s work as the official opposition. If parliament is prorogued, not only will Stephen Harper and his Conservatives avoid accountability, it will end the discussion on current bills and debates in the House. Bills such as C-7 Senate Reform Act, C-12 Safeguarding Canadians' Personal Information Act, C-21 Political Loans Accountability Act and C-30 Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act will have to start from the beginning – getting reintroduced and debated all over again. This will waste parliament’s valuable time and taxpayers dollars, which should be used to discuss and pass new bills.

Parliament is the place where the Conservative government must respond directly to questions about their actions – including the lavish spending of their Senators, the $90,000 cheque given to Mike Duffy by Stephen Harper’s former Chief of Staff and the role of the Prime Minister's office in the Senate scandal. These recent actions make it clear Stephen Harper will do almost anything to evade questions about his government’s actions.

Today’s New Democrats are the strongest opposition Stephen Harper has ever faced. Day in and day out, my NDP colleagues and I are holding the Conservatives to account—exposing their Senate scandals and job-killing economic agenda. This desperate attempt by a government worn out by ethical scandals and mismanagement will not be dismissed by the Canadian people and the NDP.

New Democrats will continue to hold Stephen Harper’s Conservatives to account in and out of Parliament. And we will keep putting forward practical solutions to make life better for Canadians.

By Fin Donnelly, Member of Parliament
Published in the World Journal, June 2014







國會眾議院提供國會議員和公眾,要求執政保守黨政府回答質詢的平台,包括保守黨任命的參議員揮霍無度的開支,譬如哈珀前幕僚長支付參議員達菲 (Mike Duffy) 一筆9萬元支票款項,以及總理辦公室在最近參議院一連串醜聞中扮演的角色。





(聯邦新民主黨國會議員Fin Donnelly)