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MARCH 11, 2010

WHAT’S IN A NAME For New Democrat MP Fin Donnelly - A lot

OTTAWA – New Westminster-Coquitlam MP Fin Donnelly thinks his riding name could sound sweeter.

“Port Moody’s name has not been included in this riding’s name since it’s creation in 2006” said Donnelly, “as a distinct and important part of the riding, I’m hoping to correct that”.

Following through on a commitment he made during the by-election, Donnelly is making the riding name change his first Private Member's Bill.

“When I stand up in the House of Commons, I want everyone in the room to know who I’m representing and that includes people in Port Moody", said Donnelly.

This is the third time a Private Member’s Bill attempting to add Port Moody to the riding name has been put forward. Earlier bills were presented by former MP Dawn Black in 2006 and 2008.

“This bill doesn’t have to cost the government a cent” said Donnelly. “I ask my colleagues on both sides of the House to grant this request as it would mean so much to the people in my riding.

Donnelly presented the Bill today in the House of Commons.