When will the Fisheries Minister get disease-ridden farmed salmon out of BC waters?

Question Period, December 5th

Federal Government must respond to Steelhead Crisis

Liberals need to stop Kinder Morgan from damaging salmon habitat

Question Period

Fisheries Minister Must Meet with B.C. and First Nations Governments to Discuss Open Net Salmon Farms

Government Should Remove Open Net Salmon Farms From Wild Salmon Migration Routes

Question Period

World Mental Health Day 2017

North Coast Tanker Ban Bill Should Be Improved

Government Must End Transfer of Diseased Salmon Into BC Waters

Marine Protected Area Legislation Must Be Improved

MP Fin Donnelly's Speech in Response to the Government's Bill C-55



Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans’ Review of Changes made in 2012 to the Fisheries Act and the Management of Canadian Fisheries.

MP Fin Donnelly asks Minister to Restore Salmon in the Classroom Program

Fin in the House: Statement on World Oceans Day

We must come together today to protect our oceans for tomorrow.

Fin in the House "When will the government reverse these cuts?"


Fin in the House: Congratulations 2017 Litter-less Lunch Winners!

Fin in the House: When will the minister do the right thing and protect west coast wild salmon

MP Fin Donnelly asks the government to support Bill C-228

MP Fin Donnelly calls on government to respond to recent whale deaths

MP Fin Donnelly Slams Government's Approval of Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion

MP Fin Donnelly calls on the government to protect marine mammals

Open net salmon farms endanger marine mammals already at risk

MP Fin Donnelly asks the government to defend our coast from oil spills

Fin Asks the Government to Make Good on Their Promise to Implement a Permanent Ban on Crude-Oil Tankers Off B.C.'S North Coast

Fin Asks the Government to Restore Lost Fish Habitat Protections

MP Fin Donnelly Welcomes Bill C-228 Endorsements

MP Fin Donnelly Asks the Government to Stop Extending Open Net Fish Farm Licences

World Oceans Day 2016

MP Fin Donnelly Asks the Government to Restore Coast Guard Cuts

MP Fin Donnelly Honours Local Community Heroes

MP Fin Donnelly Asks Government to Restore Fisheries Act Protections

MP Fin Donnelly Asks Government to Drop Their Appeal and Defend BC Wild Salmon

MP Fin Donnelly Asks Minister Tootoo to Enforce the Law and Protect Fish Habitat

In light of the Auditor General's report, the Minister must enforce the Fisheries Act

MP Fin Donnelly Questions Minister Tootoo About Kitsilano Coast Guard Station

When will the station be staffed full time?

Budget 2016 Response

MP Fin Donnelly Questions Minister Tootoo About Closing MCTS Stations and Marine Safety

Liberals are still following failed Conservative policies

NDP Encourages Canadians to Choose Sustainable Seafood Products



From Question Period on May 12, 2015


Fin and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair Hammer Conservatives on Coast Guard Cuts

Question Period: April 28, 2015

Question Period: English Bay Oil Spill Response

Question Period: Herring Fishery on the BC Coast

Question Period: Funding for BC Ferries

From Question Period on March 12, 2015

Question Period: Closure of three Marine Communication and Traffic Service centres along BC’s coast.

Question Period: Infrastructure, Transit, & Housing

Statement on Jobs and the Economy in the Lower Mainland

MP Donnelly calls for better veterans care

Statement on 2014 Litterless Lunch Challenge

And the winning class is...

Question Period: Transit Infrastructure Needed in Lower Mainland

Statement on "Wait For Me Daddy" Memorial Sculpture

Statement on Terri Evans of Coquitlam Farmers Market

Speech on Coastal Fisheries Protection Act (Bill S-3)

Pushing the Debate on BC Coast Guard Cuts

Speech on Safeguarding Canada's Seas and Skies Act (Bill C-3)

Statement on Health Care

Speech on Abuse of Government Aircraft and Misplaced Priorities

Speech on Budget 2014

Statement Congratulating Canada's Olympic Team & Coquitlam's Kevin Reynolds

Statement on Transit Infrastructure

Statement on Passing of Tim Jones

Speech on First Nations Elections Act (C-9)

Speech on Cyberbullying (C-13)

Statement on Litterless Lunch Challenge Winners

Speech on Marine Safety & Kits Coast Guard (C-3)

Statement on the Senate

Speech on Korean War Veterans Day Act (S-213)

Speech on Budget 2013

Speech on Climate Change

Speech on Shark Fin Import Ban, second hour of debate (C-380)

Statement on World Water Day

Speech on Shark Fin Import Ban, first hour of debate (C-380)

Speech on Rail Freight Service

Statement on Respecting West Coast Priorities

Speech on First Nations Matrimonial Property Rights

Speech on Food Safety (S-11)

Statement on Litterless Lunch Challenge Winner

Speech on Coast Guard Search and Rescue Cuts and Closures

Speech on Easing Restrictions on Interprovincial Import of Wine

Speech on Gutting of Environmental and Fisheries Regulations

Speech on Budget 2012

Statement on Hunger Awareness Week

Speech on Increasing Age of Eligibility for OAS from 65 to 67

Statement on Ending the Long Form Census and Cutting the National Council of Welfare

Speech on Purple Day / Epilepsy Awareness (C-278)

Speech on Shannen's Dream - Education for First Nation Children

Speech on Foreign Takeovers and the Net Benefit to Canada Test

Statement on Raising Age of Retirement for OAS

Speech on Human Trafficking (C-310)

Motion on Gender Violence

Statement on Violence Against Women Purple Ribbon Campaign

Speech on Copyright Modernization Act (C-11)

Speech on Bulk Water Exports (C-267)

Speech on the Senate (C-7)

Statement on Litterless Lunch 2011 Challenge Winners

Speech on National Transit Strategy (C-305)

Statement on Mental Illness Awareness Week

Speech on the Economy

Speech on Omnibus Crime Bill (C-10)

Speech on Bill C-6 - Canada Post Lock-out [1]

Speech on Bill C-6 - Canada Post lock-out [2]

Speech on Budget 2011

Statement on World Oceans Day

Speech on the Senate and Need for Proportional Representation

Motion on Genetically Modified Salmon

Statement on Eco-Energy Retrofit Program

Speech on Genetically Engineered Seeds (C-474)

Speech on National Philanthropy Day Act (S-203)

Statement on Making Life More Affordable

Speech on West Coast Oil Supertanker Ban

Statement on Litterless Lunch Challenge 2010 Winners

Statement on World Oceans Day

Speech on Budget 2010 Implementation Act

Democracy should trump dirty tricks in budget bill

Introduction of Private Member's Bills: The government must move to protect children

Question Period: Closed containment possible alternative according to report

Introduction of Private Member's Bill: We must move to protect BC's wild salmon now

Statement: Keeping community policing promises is important

Question Period: Government must take action on wild salmon now

Question Period: Government must protect BC's wild salmon

Introduction of Private Member's Bills: Tankers pose too great a risk

Question Period: Tankers are a threat to BC's coast

Statement on Pension Security

Speech on Budget 2010

Statement on Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Speech on the Harmonized Sales Tax

Fin presents petition for inquiry into the salmon crisis

Fin questions Government on lack of HST debate

Fin questions the Government on HST

Fin questions the Government on salmon fishery