OTTAWA – New Democrats are alarmed at the human rights situation unfolding in Turkey, including Turkey’s President granting his government the ability to bypass parliament and rule by decree; Turkey’s decision to suspend the European Convention on Human Rights; and the possibility that Turkey will re-introduce the death penalty.

Canada should make clear that any government action in response to the coup must be consistent with international legal and human rights standards. New Democrats, like so many Canadians, are concerned about reprisals that put human rights at risk. Many international experts are already warning about how the current crackdown extends beyond those with any connection to the attempted coup, and allegations are growing that those detained are being mistreated.  

The dismissal and detention of tens of thousands of Turkish citizens – including public servants, members of the media, teachers, and judges – is unacceptable.

As an important ally and NATO partner, New Democrats believe it is imperative that the Canadian government condemn these actions, stand up for Canadian values, and demand that the Turkish government moves to respect human rights, protect democratic institutions and uphold the rule of law.

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