NDP still waiting for government action to save the Pacific wild salmon

Nearly a year after the release of the $26 million Cohen Commission report, the Conservative government has failed to implement its most important recommendations to save the Fraser River Sockeye salmon.

"New Democrats understand the importance of wild salmon to British Columbians. The Conservative government has already missed numerous deadlines to implement the report's recommendations," said NDP Fisheries and Oceans Deputy Critic Fin Donnelly (New Westminster–Coquitlam).

After a two-year inquiry, the Cohen Commission report identified 75 recommendations to improve the future sustainability of the Fraser River sockeye. The comprehensive report highlighted the impact of stressors on wild salmon—such as climate change, aquaculture, habitat protection and lack of funding for research and science.

"This government has shown time and again that they do not understand fisheries management. This report is trying to prevent the collapse of another fishery," said NDP Fisheries Critic Robert Chisholm (Dartmouth–Cole Harbour). "The longer the Conservatives hold out on implementing these recommendations, the worse the situation becomes and the more difficult recovery will be to achieve. We need action now."