Sheri Benson, NDP Labour Critic, made the following statement:


"On this Labour Day 2017, New Democrats celebrate the many victories of the Labour movement—gains so fundamental to the modern workplace that we may take them for granted. The weekend, the forty-hour work week, paid maternity leave, and much more: all battles fought and won by workers. We have much to be thankful for.

But the struggle is far from over.

After decades of work, Canadians should be able to count on receiving their pensions when they retire. There are currently no protections on workers’ pensions in the event of a bankruptcy. Pension funds, which are built on the deferred wages of workers, can be stolen once a company goes under. Hard-working employees must wait at the back of the line, while CEOs receive bonuses and banks and creditors get their cut.

The Labour movement has always been about the many, and not the few. The NDP is calling on this government to immediately introduce measures that ensure Canadian workers receive the respect they deserve, and the pensions they’ve worked for.

This Labour Day, we are thankful that those who came before us fought to make our lives better. In solidarity, let us pledge to redouble our efforts to make a better world for those yet to come.

Happy Labour Day, Canada!"

– 30 –