MP Fin Donnelly Welcomes Bill C-228 Endorsements


Full Text of Statement:

Mr. Speaker, next week, I will be announcing support for my private member's bill to save wild salmon. The bill protects wild salmon and allows the aquaculture industry to grow by moving harmful open-net salmon pens to safe closed containment.

I encourage everyone to join my campaign to save wild salmon by going to In fact, thousands already have. The list of supporters is as diverse as Canada itself.

It includes noted environmentalists like David Suzuki and Alex Morton ; and first nation leaders like Grand Chief Stewart Phillip and Chief Bob Chamberlin . I have endorsements from industry associations like the Sport Fishing Institute of B.C. and trade unions like CUPE BC and UFCW local 1518.

I even have support from Stanley Cup champion Willie Mitchell.

That is not all. Tune in next week for an important announcement from a Canadian icon and actor who knows that, together, we can ensure a healthy future for wild salmon and the people who depend on them. Stay tuned.

The full list of endorements can be found here: