Import of Shark Fins Must Stop

OTTAWA – NDP deputy Fisheries and Oceans critic Fin Donnelly (New Westminster-Coquitlam and Port Moody) is pleased to see his bill prohibiting the import of shark fins up for second reading today.

“The illegal practice of shark finning is causing a rapid decline in shark populations around the world and negatively affecting marine ecosystems,” said Donnelly. “Bill C-380 is a prime opportunity for the Canadian government to take a leadership role and adopt legislation that will stop the import of fins from endangered sharks into Canada and promote strong international ocean stewardship.”

An estimated 73 million sharks are killed annually for their fins, often by a practice called shark finning, where the fins are removed and the body is dumped back into the ocean. Donnelly has consulted with stakeholders across Canada and a poll conducted in his riding found that 80% of residents support a ban on shark fin imports.