HST: How the Tri-Cities voted

The Tri-City News, 26 August 2011 By Todd Coyne

The results are in and Tri-City residents voted 'Yes' to scrapping the harmonized sales tax (HST), with the biggest support for axing the tax coming from Coquitlam-Burke Mountain.

Residents there voted 55.85% in favour of scrapping the HST and reverting to the provincial sales tax (PST), with 44.15% of voters supporting the HST.

Port Coquitlam was close behind in its support for defeating the HST with 55.61% of voters saying yes to scrapping the tax and 44.39% against.

Coquitlam-Maillardville residents voted 54.63% in favour of dropping the HST and 45.37% voted to keep it.

Port Moody-Coquitlam showed the most support for keeping the combined tax with 49.15% in favour of hanging onto the HST and only 50.85% voting to drop it.

The province has said it will revert to the PST as soon as possible.

"B.C. clearly rejected the HST," said New Westminster-Coquitlam NDP MP Fin Donnelly, who campaigned against it. "There was a strong message all along that the people were not happy with the way it was introduced."

Donnelly said the federal government "needs to take responsibility for the HST and the way it was implemented."

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