HST - Respect the will of British Columbians

Vancouver, BC — The Canadian Press Published on Thursday, Apr. 22, 2010 3:27PM EDT Last updated on Thursday, Apr. 22, 2010 3:30PM EDT Federal NDP Leader Jack Layton has sent a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, urging him to suspend implementation of the harmonized sales tax until a proposed B.C. referendum is held. Opponents of the blended federal and provincial sales tax have until early July to get enough names on a petition to force a referendum on the tax that is due to take effect July 1. Mr. Layton's letter tells Mr. Harper that British Columbians are overwhelmingly opposed to the tax, which will cover things not previously subject to provincial sales tax. The B.C. Liberals announced the tax last year after promising in the election that they wouldn't impose it. Mr. Layton says Ontarians, who also face the HST on July 1, haven't been as vocal but he expects that province's government to pay at the polls once the tax hits voters' wallets.