Fin in the News: Report reveals ‘ineptitude’ of Feds to protect wild salmon

April 24, 2018


OTTAWA – The NDP Critic for Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Fin Donnelly, is disappointed but not surprised, by the Environment Commissioner’s scathing report on the impacts of salmon aquaculture on wild salmon.

“Today we’re learning the depth of ineptitude from this Liberal government to protect wild salmon,” said Donnelly. “For years salmon aquaculture has exposed wild fish to disease and pesticides, but DFO hasn’t even bothered to monitor the impacts. It’s baffling.”

The Commissioner’s report outlined that due to the government’s failure to monitor the situation there's no way to determine the impact of fish farms on wild fish. The Commissioner also found that Canada lacks basic standards on the nets used by farmed salmon in the ocean.

Donnelly pointed out that the government has known about these issues thanks to the Cohen Commission and its 2012 report, but have failed to take any real action. He warns the situation will deteriorate unless the Liberals get serious about shifting to closed containment.

“Record low wild salmon returns will only get worse until the Federal Liberals take meaningful action to save wild salmon,” said Donnelley. “Canada has an opportunity to become a world leader in making a just transition to safe, land based salmon farming and allow our wild salmon to flourish.”

In 2016, the Liberals defeated Donnelly’s Private Member’s Bill to transition the industry to closed containment much to the dismay of many concerned Canadians.

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