Statement on Eco-Energy Retrofit Program

Madam Speaker, during the town hall meetings I recently held in my riding, many constituents called for the reinstatement of the eco-energy retrofit program that the government suddenly cancelled in March 2010.

This program helped thousands of Canadians renovate their homes, cut home heating bills by 20% and save an estimated three tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per home, or 1.5 million tonnes of emissions after four years of retrofits.

Constituents in my riding want to take advantage of energy-saving programs like this but many are living paycheque to paycheque and need the assistance of such a program.

The eco-energy retrofit program not only created jobs, but helped working families make needed improvements to their homes.

This program supports a green economy and stimulates jobs in the trades.

I call on the government to reinstate the eco-energy retrofit program.