Donnelly Heads Back to Ottawa with Mandate to Fight Conservative Service Cuts and Protect Pensions

OTTAWA – After a week of town hall meetings across New Westminster–Coquitlam & Port Moody, New Democrat MP Fin Donnelly is heading back to Parliament with a mandate to fight the Conservative government’s service cuts and protect pensions.

“Service providers across my riding are just starting to feel the effect of federal cuts to their funding,” said Donnelly. “These cuts run deep – for some organizations, it is the difference between keeping their doors open and closing altogether”.

Many constituents also expressed shock and concern after Prime Minister Harper announced major reforms to the Canadian pension system including possibly raising the eligibility for Old Age Security to 67 during his address at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland.

“The message from constituents at the town hall meetings was clear,” said Donnelly. “Pensions should be strengthened, not weakened”.

Donnelly vowed to bring the fight to Ottawa now that the House of Commons has reconvened.

“Everyday Canadians rely on public services and programs. The Harper Conservatives are systematically dismantling our most important institutions like Old Age Security, health care and Employment Insurance,” said Donnelly. “I’m returning to Parliament to challenge these reckless cuts and stand up for all Canadians.”