Conservatives Leave Families Waiting to Reunite

Thousands of Canadians who waited over two years to apply for the sponsorship of parents and grandparents will now have to wait another 11 months to apply.

“Conservative policies are keeping families apart. Family reunification should be given greater priority,” said NDP MP Fin Donnelly (New Westminster–Coquitlam & Port Moody). “Many families in the Tri-Cities will be disappointed. Meanwhile the backlog has not been resolved. I’ve met with families who applied to sponsor parents or grandparents over five years ago and are still waiting for their files to be processed.”

More than 5,000 completed applications were received after the two-year moratorium was briefly lifted on January 2, 2014. As of February 3, additional applications will not be accepted this year, meaning Canadian families will have to wait until 2015 before they can start the long process of sponsoring their parents or grandparents to Canada.

"In effect, the Conservatives have introduced another moratorium on parent and grandparent applications," said NDP critic for Citizenship and Immigration Lysane Blanchette-Lamothe (Pierrefonds–Dollard). "The strong interest from the thousands who applied before the cut-off shows how much Canadians value family reunification.  This Conservative government is making Canadians wait before they can even apply – while a huge backlog remains."