Cleanup a success

Coquitlam Now, 23 September 2011 By Ksenija Mircic (Letter to the Editor)

This is my second time attending the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. I look forward to this event every year.

According to the results of the cleanup co-ordinators, 164 volunteers were involved in this event.

It was impressive to see the number of volunteers significantly increased compared to last year. I was also impressed by the amount of items they found and collected in such a short period of time.

The day was beautiful and I was really happy to be there. The entire scenery, Shoreline Park, Noons Creek, the smell of the Pacific ocean, plants and birds were really marvellous. I enjoyed every single minute there either observing the natural beauty of the area or observing hard-working volunteers stepping in mud, squeezing through bushes and collecting garbage and everything that is not ecologically friendly.

I spent my time walking through Shoreline Park taking pictures of them. During my walk, the plastic displays of plant and bird species caught my attention.

I always enjoy reading the displays; they are educational for every naturalist, nature lover, student or any person who has a passion to know more about the park and species that live in it.

The dynamics of the event flowed smoothly, thanks to organization done by the co-ordinators. All of them are amazing, hard-working people and activists. The entire situation was observed and supported by very special and remarkable visitors and organizations. Between them, I will emphasize some of their names: NDP MP Fin Donnelly; Port Moody city councillors; Elaine Golds, vice-president of the Burke Mountain Naturalists and chair of the Colony Farm Park Association; Dave Bennie of the Port Moody Ecological Society; Eric Olsen of the Noons Creek Hatchery; and Nancy Aichberger of the Port Moody Ecological Society.

I would like to compliment and recognize the wonderful sponsors: Gallaghers Café of NewPort Village, Thrifty Foods of Suter Brook and the Coquitlam Real Canadian Superstore.

Thank you to everybody who was involved directly or indirectly in this very important environmental event.

- Ksenija Mircic, Port Moody

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