Call for Volunteers to Assist Kwikwetlem First Nations

During the 2007 Flood Red Alert, the Kwikwetlem First Nations called for the help of their neighbours and you came out in droves.

Now in 2012, the risk of flooding is even greater. The waters that are currently flooding the interior are making their way to the coast, and the Kwikwetlem First Nations are directly in their path.

Fred Hulbert, a Councillor with the Kwikwetlem First Nations, is creating an E-mail List of people willing to come out to place sandbags at possible breach points if the river starts to rise.

If you would like to be added to the Kwikwetlem First Nation Flood Response E-Mail List, please e-mail: Fred Hulbert (

When might this happen? If a flood happens, it will most likely be this Canada Day weekend, but a lot depends on weather conditions over the next few days.

What do you need from me? A strong back, and good shoes you’d don’t mind getting wet. Sand bags are very heavy, especially when they are wet. You’ll be volunteering at your own risk, so be aware of your safety and your limits. If you are under 19, please ensure you have a parent or guardian with you.

How much notice will I have? Maybe not much.

How will I know what to do? Wait for Fred’s e-mail and follow his instructions.

Check out Fred standing with the work that’s already been done: