About Bill C-228

Save wild salmon


On February 24th, 2016 Fin Donnelly, MP (Port Moody -Coquitlam) introduced Bill C-228, An Act to amend the Fisheries Act (closed containment aquaculture)

Bill C-228 strengthens the Fisheries Act by requiring British Columbia salmon farms to move from harmful open net pens to safe closed containment systems.

You can read and download the full text of the bill here.

BC's wild salmon is under threat.   By moving salmon farms to closed containment, we can protect wild salmon from sea lice, pollutants and other harmful substances that can come from open-net salmon farms.

The future of BC aquaculture is closed containment.   The technology exists, is economically feasible, and the prospective jobs and economic opportunities for British Columbians are immense.

 Canada can become a world leader in closed containment aquaculture, but we must act now.


Fin has been fighting to save wild salmon for over 25 years. He twice swam the 1,400km length of the Fraser River, to draw attention to threats to this mighty salmon river. Since being elected to the House of Commons in 2009, Fin has made federally legislated protection to save wild salmon a top priority. 

His last wild salmon campaign received more than 10,000 postcards from individuals and organizations across the country.

This bill WILL be debated and voted on in the House of Commons.  Make sure you sign up for our wild salmon campaign newsletter to keep informed on the latest developments


Background on Closed Containment

Technologies for Viable Salmon Aquaculture: An Examination of Land-Based Closed Containment Aquaculture
Andrew S. Wright Ph.D & Nasim Arianpoo MSc

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